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Charles Webster Interview - The Story so Far ...

It has been over a decade since Charles Webster first began to dabble in electronic music. Since then, both have come along way. From playing in local electronic bands in Sheffield, England, he also wrote tracks for early emerging hip hop outfit, The Rock City Crew and another early techno-house band T Cut F, he became in house engineer for Square Dance Studios in Nottingham.
During his time at Square dance, he began to record his own music. Using the alias Sine, he produced a number of tracks that were very well received by the then exploding dance music scene that was emerging in the UK. Holding residencies at various clubs around Nottingham, in 1992, under the name Megatronk, he released a track called ‘Belgium’ on Astralworks. All that time in the studio paid off. The track became a club classic.
Not surprisingly, his talents were recognised internationally, leading on to what he is probably best known for today. His first record label and production alias of the same name, Love from San Francisco. Since then he has spent his time going between the West Coast Mecca and his home in the UK.
In 1995 he returned to the UK and started another label, Remote. Releasing records under numerous labels, touring the global circuit, 1999 saw the release of the world wide smash album ‘All Systems Gone’, under the alter ego of Presence on Pagan Records. The album saw three top 75 singles in the UK and a top 10 Billboard club single in the US. Not bad.
But there’s more! His album, the critically acclaimed ‘Born On The 24th Of July’ on Peacefrog, took in a range of tastes and inspirations. Featuring a range of musical talents from the likes of Del St. Joseph, Terra Diva and Massive Attack vocalist, Sara Jay, the album is a perfect example of musical talent combined with studio expertise.
He has worked alongside some of the best known names in dance music, Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson but to name a few. Earlier this year saw the release of ‘The Story So Far’ on Strata, in which Charles compiled 10 years worth of his favourite and most highly regarded tunes.
With a discography longer then Santa’s Christmas list, and more new and upcoming releases in the pipeline, 2003, is sure set to be a musical vintage to delight any pallet.

DHN: What is your favourite record that you have produced?

Charles Webster: ‘Born on the 24th of July’ Peacefrog

DHN: What aliases do you go under when you produce?

CW: Presence, Furry Phreaks, DJ Profile, DJ Boom, Lo; rise, Symetrics, Charles Webster, Love From San Francisco.

DHN: What are your top 3 labels?

CW: Prescription, Comet, Blackwhizz

DHN: Who are your top 3 DJ's?

CW: DJ Gregory, Herbert, Pepe Bradock

DHN: What are your plans for this New Years Eve?

CW: Venice

DHN: Have you any upcoming releases that we should be keeping an eye out for?

CW: Remixes on Distance, Silver Network, Miso ( my new label), Hi Phen, Palm Pictues…… an ep on Dance Tracks…remix of ‘ Born on 24th of July’ with mixes from the likes of Pepe Bradock, Herbert, Daniel Wang, Larry Herad, Groove Armada…….and more.

Sounds like a cracker!

Aine G


To see images of Charles Webster from when he played Dublin, Ireland in Nov 2002 visit

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